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One Way Journey (2021)

Short film (Fonprocine 2017)

Production by: Minervas Producciones / Interzone Productions (UK)

Holland / Rep. Dom / UK

Logline: The story of Ricardo, a former gang member in his 40s, who tries in vain to keep his son Joel off the streets, as he is already dabbling in youth gangs.

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This Is How We Win (advanced development)

Documentary 90 '(Fonprocine 2020)

Production: Minervas Producciones

Logline: A young man challenges traditional political campaign models with an atypical proposal promoted by the citizenry that, against all odds, wins a deputation.

Without a Name 

Short film (Fonprocine 2017)

Production: Alexandra Santana  Direction: Valeria Bolívar

Minervas Producciones and Petanina Films

Countries: Dom / Mexico / France

Logline: MARCELA is a mother with schizophrenia who lost her son because of his condition. She meets Joaquín, who has just emigrated from Venezuela, where he left his son. They fall in love. Marcela finds the courage to live with her fears and have a family.


Short film

Director: Violeta Lockhart

Country: Dom.

Logline: Rosa seeks a partner who fits her parameters. As her days revolve around her work and her social life in a bar she frequents, she discovers that the essential is invisible to the eyes. 

What Could Have Been (2016)

Short film

Director: Violeta Lockhart

Country: Dominican Republic

Logline: Alicia goes to meet Javi at the airport. On the way to the city of Barcelona, the atmosphere begins to be loaded with memories of a relationship based on moments shared during the summers. The mix of nostalgia and the feeling of trying one last time reappears and Alicia will have to decide if Javi has arrived in time or not to materialize what could once have been.

Production of Educational Content
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