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About Us


We are a production house created with the intention of promoting the female gaze and participation in Cinema. We produce films of social, cultural and political value that contribute to the transformation of our society.

We are located in the Dominican Republic, but we work with filmmakers and partners from all over the world.

Minerva (in our case it’s plural, with an “s”) comes from Roman mythology; she is the goddess of wisdom and the arts. It also refers to Minerva Mirabal, a revolutionary leader and martyr who, along with her sisters, fought for Dominican freedom and democracy.

Our mission

We believe in the construction of a more democratic and egalitarian society through Cinema, through the creation of spaces for expression and collaboration with other women both in the seventh art and in other disciplines that mix with it, such as music, illustration, crafts and fashion.

The principles that move us

Sorority: Together, we become stronger, and we change the rules of the game.

Excellence: We are passionate about what we do, and we take care of the details.

Creativity: We turn obstacles into opportunities.

Sustainability: our productions follow a sustainable and environmental protection model.



Paola Esther

Expert in communication and politics. Editor of @ElMitinDR


Miguel A. Martinez

Civil Engineer and violinist. Administrative Coordinator @Miguel.Alejandrom


Nikarlys Gabot

Public Relations, expert in Corporate Communication @Gabot1989

ColaboradoresColaborador 1.jpg

Mariu Benzo

Graphic designer, graduated in Advertising Communication. @mariubenzo

ColaboradoresColaborador 2.jpg

Annette González

Publicist, expert in Digital Marketing  @MuyHumanos

ColaboradoresColaborador 3.jpg

Julia Lucrecia Taveras

Managing Partner at Film Translation Board and is an actress in Teatro Lluvia. @filmtranslationboard

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