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Investment.  Addressing political issues makes it difficult to raise funds through the Film Law in the Dominican Republic, since there continues to be a certain reluctance in the country's business culture to be associated with political figures or issues. Despite this, we have found companies that have dared to support this dream, as well as many people willing to offer their talent and work. We know that we will continue joining efforts to achieve our goals.


Timing.  We are interested in releasing the documentary in 2023, in the hopes of inspiring new citizen candidates for the 2024 elections at the national level. To meet this timeline, we have the support of the people backing this  campaign.

Our strengths

Collective project.  This project is led by three women whose areas of expertise complement and fit together perfectly. We also have the support of dozens of volunteers who participated in both the Good Politics campaign and the Guardians of Democracy initiative.


Democratic vocation . Due to its capacity for education, awareness and inspiration, the documentary itself is also a contribution to democracy and the construction of an active and committed citizenship.


Global political context.  The multiple crises that the world is experiencing generate a particular interest in the type of political process that this documentary narrates (citizen, alternative, democratic) and a greater demand for stories of this nature.


Impact Marketing and Distribution.  We are creating networks and channels of diffusion so that our film reaches the most remote communities, nationally and internationally. It is a documentary that tries to become a catalyst for social change, as well as an innovator in how and where we consume documentaries.

Why do we need your input?

We need to complete funding for 3 weeks of filming, amounting to  DOP  4,000,000.00 (USD 70,200.00). Our goal is to be able to cover:


• Payment to the creative and technical staff of the film:



Director of Photography

Sound Director

Art Director

Lighting Technician


Production Assistant

Director's Assistant

Security personnel

Accounting and legal staff



  • Camera, sound, and lighting equipment rental; prop rental

  • Truck rental for equipment

  • Transportation

  • Food and Beverage

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