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This Is How We Win is a documentary that explores the last two decades of Dominican social movements, as well as the difficulty of transferring their demands to political agendas. The story is told through the trajectory of four female activists who decide to pursue political aspirations, vying for council after being inspired by the Good Politics campaign which led José Horacio Rodríguez to the Dominican Congress. This was an alternative campaign that defied traditional models, without using large sums of money, but instead using a lot of creativity.


This Is How We Win analyzes the reality of political campaigns in the Dominican Republic through the challenges faced by the protagonists. They combat the limitations of modern electoral systems in order to guarantee representation and equal conditions to run a campaign. This is a story that invites us to rethink the way in which electoral processes are held, while it reflects on the importance of actively participating in these spaces and decision-making processes. 

Why are we making this documentary?

We believe in the power of education. This documentary shows that large resources are not needed to generate political change.


We want to generate a multiplier effect and inspire others to dare to take similar steps.


We believe that it is necessary to document this type of political event. There is a void in Dominican cinema because the political reality has not been addressed in a long time. We want to leave to the next generations a film record of the changes we are experiencing.


The year 2020 was extremely important  due to the suspension of the elections, the pandemic, the change of government, and a whole context that caused many people to get involved in politics for the first time. This documentary is also part of that process.


We identify with the ideas of Good Politics: equity, human rights, inclusion, independent justice, environmental protection.


We want the proceeds from this documentary to serve to support women's candidacies in 2024

Our Team
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Our allies
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What have we achieved with “This Is How We Win”?

We won the Film Promotion Fund (FONPROCINE, Development category) in 2020.

We won one of the scholarships awarded by the Ibermedia Program to participate in the Atitlán 2021 Projects.

We are in the advanced stage of project development, almost ready to start production once we complete the funding.

We participated in the Dominican Pitching in Cannes, chosen among the 9 projects that represented the Dominican Republic in the Marché du Film, 2021

Minervas Producciones was selected by the UK Trade Partnerships Program (UKTP-Caribbean) to receive advice on fund management, marketing, and distribution.

Alliance with Filmina Cinema for Studio shooting.

Launch of crowdfunding campaign, January 2022.

Alliance with the filming schools and communications from universities of PUCMM and INTEC.

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